About Us

Giulia Restaurant & Café, we'd like to introduce ourselves but you may already know us. We're the previous owners of Heights Cafe which was a staple on the corner of Montague and Hicks for over two decades. This pandemic has been a challenge for all of us and your support through it has touched our hearts. We made a decision to renovate Heights Cafe and in that process, we realized we cannot come back the same as we were, as many of us did not after the height of the pandemic. So in true New York fashion, we're bouncing back but as Giulia Restaurant & Cafe! New menu, New atmosphere, New Us but with the same attention and drive to serve our proud Brooklyn Heights Community who've stayed with us all these years. We're looking forward to seeing old friends and new ones as we prepare to open this Summer.


Pop by Dellarocco's in the meantime...you'll get an awesome pizza and maybe some insider scoop on our progress from the staff. 

Sliced Tomato
Salt and Pepper